Best International Project 2021

02 Jun 2022 The Mechanics of Wonder Exposition at Expo 2020 Dubai has won the Best International Project 2021 prize. The awards ceremony took place 1st June at the annual partner conference of Riki. We thank Riki for the high praise and hope for further cooperation!

"Thinking outside the box", interview AV Magazine

28 Mar 2022 Gone are the days when promoting a country at the World Expo involved filling a building with local iconography to link it directly to the host nation. The world is constantly changing, and new methods of presentation are needed to release the creative potential of the Pavilion. The viewers want to be involved in the proposed space - to become part of the performance and experience a new emotional experience. Christian Sylt and Caroline Reid from AV Magazine try to know how Simpateka ...

Voting for the Pavilion of Russia in the People's Choice category

01 Mar 2022 Colleges and friends, we have great news!  The Russian Pavilion has been nominated by EXHIBITOR Magazine's World Expo Awards in the People's Choice category. Voting is open until March 15 and does not require additional registration and authorization in social networks.  It's simple: - follow the link; - find Russia's Pavilion; - and click on the "Vote" button.  Every vote counts. Hurry up, voting time ...
media/k2/items/src/621af29360685f88fae4c26f96ed9d8c.jpg produced production of the "Planetarium" hall at the exhibition "Victor Tsoi. The Hero's Way"

25 Feb 2022 The exhibition "Viktor Tsoi. The Way of the Hero" is located in Manezh on 2,650 square meters in 11 multimedia halls and holds more than 300 unique exhibits. Our partner which is a part of Simpateka Entertainment Group produced production concept for the halls Fonoteka, Planetarium, Needle and Discovery of America.  The "Planetarium" hall resembles an open space, in the center of which is the sun. It is created from a set of light-emitting diodes fixed on a frame. Nearby, ...

The stunning Museum of the Future opened in Dubai

24 Feb 2022 The stunning Museum of the Future opened in Dubai, where visitors are invited to go to a world 50 years from now and view scenarios of a possible future. The futuristic museum building consists of three main elements: a green area, the main structure, and an elliptical void in the middle. They represent the pursuit of leadership, human creativity and the ability of humans to exist in harmony with their environment.  The museum was engineered by architect Shaun Killa and the exhibit ...

Pixelord's release for the immersive show "Mechanics of Wonder"

18 Feb 2022 Specially for music lovers we present a new release from the super popular electronic musician Alexey Devyanin a.k.a Pixelord - one of the flagships of modern electronic music.  Pixelord - music producer and co-founder of Hyperboloid Records. He performed at Russia's first Boiler Room and toured Russia, Europe, China and the USA.In 2019 Pixelord recorded an album with many famous musicians: with Summer of Haze, Husky, i61, GONE.Fludd, Foilar, SP4K, Archanga, Eurodeath, oneone. The ...

The Mechanics of Wonder is recognised as Project of the Year!

08 Dec 2021 Simpateka Entertainment Group won in the XI "Time of 2021 innovations" in the nomination "Project of the Year", category "Culture and Art". December 7 2021 at business forum EXPO-2020 Dubai was a ceremony of awarding the winners  "Time of 2021 innovations" was established in 2011 and is awarded for the best projects and practices for the implementation, development and development of innovations in various fields.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin attended the performance «The Mechanics of a Miracle"

05 Dec 2021 Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin attended the performance «The Mechanics of a Miracle" in the pavilion of Russia at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Winning at the World Cookbook Awards 2020

30 Nov 2021 "Russia's Cuisine: Tradition and Modernity" by Chernov & Co and  Simpateka Entertainment Group won special prize in Paris. This book has been specially published for EXPO Milano 2015. Its purpose is to present the diversity and culinary abundance of Russian cuisine. Not only will it attract foreign readers, but it will also allow Russians to discover new regional dishes and the products of our vast country.

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