The groundbreaking ceremony of the Russian pavilion at EXPO 2020

24 Nov 2019 On November 18, 2019, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Russian Pavilion at EXPO 2020 was held in Dubai. This event officially marks the beginning of the construction of The Russian Pavilion, which will feature culture, innovation, creativity and the latest technologies in "unique architectural design". The Russian Pavilion will be one of the largest at EXPO 2020.It will be located in the  "Mobility" area, and will occupy more than 4.5 thousand square meters at a height of 27 meters. ...

Expo2020 Dubai

26 Jun 2019 Presenting Russia Pavilion on Expo2020 Dubai.     How do we find our places in the world? How can we better understand each other despite our differences? How will we connect people and minds without moving them physically? The Russia pavilion will help visitors to answer these questions and give them an insight into how the country sees the future. Showcasing Russia’s extensive knowledge in various fields, the pavilion will take visitors to the next level, where ...

GOLD AWARD, EXPO-2017, Astana

09 Sep 2017 Russian Pavilion was honored with a Gold award for exhibition design in category A.  Concept and design were developed and installed by Simpateka Entertainment Group! We are proud of our pavilion!


11 Jun 2017 On June 9, 2017, the Russian pavilion at the World Expo 2017 specialized exhibition in Astana (Kazakhstan) began its official visit to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The main slogan of our country exposition is "Russia - the energy potential of the planet" based on the example of the unique natural region of the Russian Arctic. The main exhibition attractions of the exposition are: the installation of the "Arctic city" with the operating models of the nuclear icebreaker "50 Years of ...

Economics of 1000 cities

11 Jun 2017 June 2, 2017 in the business program of the SPIEF panel session "Economics of 1000 cities" was held. The roundtable was moderated by the Executive Vice President of the US Council on Competitiveness, Charles Evans, and the speakers were Roberto Alvarez (Brazil), Amit Kapoor (India), Michelle Larue-Charlie (France), Brian Marc Evans (UK), Alexander Plutnik - CEO AHML, Alexei Kudrin - Chairman of the Board of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation, Mikhail Men - Minister of Construction and ...

Forum "Living Environment: an apartment and a city"

11 Jun 2017 From the 13th till the 15th of May a large-scale urban forum "Living Environment: an apartment and a city" was held in Saratov. The main event of the forum is a business program, which was run in the Theater for Young Spectators named after Y. Kiselev, was represented in a new format. The team of Simpateka Entertainment Group initiated this update and also was the general developer of the main site. Our specialists became authors of the new concept, provided online broadcasting of the business ...

Golden collar 2016

11 Jun 2017 On the 24th of December, 2016 there was th 11th annual «Golden Collar» Awards for the Champions. The team of Simpateka Entertainment Group was the general builder of the exhibition, the author of the concept and scenario of the New Year show, the producer of video content and the director of the event. In addition, the specialists of SIG have become the authors of several know-how of the main event of the year for dogs and their owners. This is a new system of video voting and the ...

Arts Palace "Neftyanik", Surgut

24 Oct 2016 The Great Openning Ceremony of the Atrs Palace "Neftyanik" in Surgut was help by Simpateka Entertainment Group on the 1st of October, 2016. Conception, direction and production of the Openning Ceremonty was fully developed and staged by professional members of Simpateka Entertainment Group. We were happy to participate this event - an openning to the most fit up stage venue of Russia nowadays. 

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