Pixelord's release for the immersive show "Mechanics of Wonder"

18 February 2022

Specially for music lovers we present a new release from the super popular electronic musician Alexey Devyanin a.k.a Pixelord - one of the flagships of modern electronic music. 

Pixelord - music producer and co-founder of Hyperboloid Records. He performed at Russia's first Boiler Room and toured Russia, Europe, China and the USA.In 2019 Pixelord recorded an album with many famous musicians: with Summer of Haze, Husky, i61, GONE.Fludd, Foilar, SP4K, Archanga, Eurodeath, oneone.

The immersive show "Mechanics of Wonder" inspired Alexey to create a new work. The track is deep and meaningful. Search and add to Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer playlists.

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