NEWS produced production of the "Planetarium" hall at the exhibition "Victor Tsoi. The Hero's Way"

25 February 2022

The exhibition "Viktor Tsoi. The Way of the Hero" is located in Manezh on 2,650 square meters in 11 multimedia halls and holds more than 300 unique exhibits. Our partner which is a part of Simpateka Entertainment Group produced production concept for the halls Fonoteka, Planetarium, Needle and Discovery of America. 

The "Planetarium" hall resembles an open space, in the center of which is the sun. It is created from a set of light-emitting diodes fixed on a frame. Nearby, on the screens of seven planets, unique videos of interviews with the singer's friends and son Alexander are broadcast.

The author and organizer of the exhibition is PLANET9. Hurry up and see the exhibition at Manege. To be continued! 

Photo: PLANET9

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